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Breast enlargement operation using implants – augmentation

After liposuction, breast enlargement is the most popular cosmetic operation. As with liposuction, this operation has a lasting effect on the formation of an aesthetic figure in a short time period. Commensurately large and well formed breasts compliment the beauty of the female body.


Augmentation can enlarge and form naturally underdeveloped breasts or breasts reduced after repeated pregnancies (atrophic). A significant and noticeable asymmetry in the size of the breast can also be compensated.

Before considering augmentation several facts need to be borne in mind.

1)      Almost every woman has a slight asymmetry of the breasts, in terms of the size and shape. This slight asymmetry appears more natural than a perfectly identical appearance between breasts. It is not possible to expect that both breasts will be identical after the augmentation operation and that the abovementioned minor asymmetry will disappear.

2)      Not all small breasts are suitable for augmentation, particularly not atrophic and simultaneously very slack breasts.

3)      Augmentation operations are more suitable if you are no longer considering another pregnancy. A smaller implant inserted under the muscle should not be a problem.

4)      Overly large implants could be a source of later complications, mainly of an aesthetic character: sagging of the breast due to the weight of the implant and palpable and sometimes visible outlines of the implant.

5)      Even for an experienced surgeon it is very difficult to comply with the pre-agreed size. There can be minor deviations from the pre-operation plans.

  You will be informed about the pre-operation preparations, the operation and anaesthesia, the implant, possible risks and postoperative care, and all your questions will be answered by the doctor at the consultation.

Here we present a concise summary of what you should know before the operation so that you can consider your decision and plan it time wise.

1)       For at least 2-3 weeks prior to the operation do not use any medicaments containing acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin, paracetamol etc.).

2)       The operation is carried out under total anaesthesia, therefore you will need a preoperative internal examination no older than 14 days, which your local doctor can provide for you.

3)       The actual operation lasts 1-2 hours.

4)       Operation incisions are possible in the armpit or on the boundary of the pigmented areola or crease under the breast. At our clinic we carry out the last two for more clarity and a lower percent of complications. The length of individual incisions is about 4-5 cm.

5)       The implants are inserted under the mammary gland or deeper, partially under the large breast muscle. Every insertion of an implant has its advantages and disadvantages. You can agree on the most suitable implant for you with the doctor.

6)       At our clinic, we chiefly use McGhan implants, which are of the highest quality. Implants come in various shapes and sizes. They can be simply divided in spherical and anatomical types. Each type has its own use, even though in many cases both types are interchangeable.

7)       During the operations drains may be inserted into the cavity for inserting the implants, which are removed the next day or day after.

8)       Hospitalisation after the operation lasts 1-3 days.


9)       After the operation you will feel some pain for about a week, particularly when stretching the arms upward. Pain is greater and longer lasting after implantation under the breast muscle.

10)   Stitches are removed after 10-14 days. Wounds are covered with bandaging for 5-7 days. After removal of the bandages you can shower.

11)   For at least a month you will need to wear a special bra, which we can provide for you.

12)   You should avoid increased physical activity for about a month. You can usually return to sport activity after two months.


As with any surgical operation there may be complications with augmentation, even when the operation is carried out correctly by an experienced and conscientious surgeon.

We consider it necessary to point out the following possible complications, even though their occurrence is rare and they occur in only 1-2% of cases.

1) Postoperative haemorrhaging into the cavity where the implant is inserted. Minor bleeding usually clears up and does not require treatment. A further operation is required for greater haemorrhaging.

2) Infection. Even though the risk is reduced by administering antibiotics during the operation, they may still develop in less than 1% of cases. The implant must be removed and only after a pause of several months can the women undergo a further implantation.

3) Formation of "capsules" Since an implant represents a foreign body for the body, it may react to its presence by forming a fibrous membrane around the implant. This membrane is always created, but only in some cases does it remain and start to wrinkle. This can cause deformation of the breast, sometimes pain as well. A further operation is usually required to remove or disrupt the capsule and insert the implant back into the cavity. The risk of formation of capsules is significantly reduced by using quality implants which have a textured surface (for example McGhan implants).

4) Shifting or rotation of the implant. This may occur more significantly with anatomic and lower quality implants.

5) With very slim women the edges of the implant may be palpable and sometimes slightly visible.

6) The feeling of a foreign body, sense of coldness in the area of the implant or lowering of sensitivity in the areola are transitory and disappear in time.

7) Raised, reddened (keloid) scars may occur with persons who are susceptive to them. Increased postoperative care of the scar is then required (pressure massage, compression garments, silicon pads and so on).

8) As with any surgical operation under total anaesthesia with subsequent postoperative bed rest, there may be thrombosis or embolisms. That's why we administer preventative anti-thrombosis medicaments and mobilise the patient on the day of operation.


Contraindications to cosmetic breast enlargement operations are inflammatory disease of the breasts, breast cancer, blood diseases and severe diabetes.


In order to achieve good operation results and subsequent satisfaction of both the patient and doctor, cooperation is required on both sides. The best motivation for achieving the best results for the doctor is the patient's trust.

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